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Message from the president


In order to fulfill needs of clients, Yamanaka-shokai is developing and offering new products with its unique know-how and distribution network.

We think our client's benefit first and try to prosper together.


Our company is involved deeply in automobile industry and other related industries, developing and offering components, processed products, and materials by collaborating with manufacturers, processed product makers and material makers.

We're also offering handling of distribution related products or necessary facilities inside of plant, packaging products etc.

  • Automobile/Industrial related products

    *Automobile/Industrial use tapes

    *Wire harness related products


    *Impact absorbing pads

    *Mirrors ...and more

  • Packing/Packaging related products

    *(Eco) Impact absorbing materials

    *PP・PE・PS foaming agents

    *Shrink films

    *Wrapping cardboards

    *Packing machines ...and more

  • Flexible container bags

    *Flexible container bags

    (weather resistant large size sandbags)

    *Black flexible container bags

    (product approved by MLIT)

    *PP sheets

  • Tape related products

    *Cloth/craft tapes

    *Waterproof/sealing tapes

    *Foam tapes

    *Filament tapes

    *Butyl tapes ...and more

  • Wire harness related products

    *Wire harness tapes

    *Wire harness tubes

    (Radiation cross-linked contraction tubes)

    *Impact absorbing materials

    *Wire harness related materials